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Leave a Literacy Legacy with Read Alouds

“Reading … a vacation for the mind.” — Dave Barry

The positive outcomes of oral reading range from building confidence as a reader to creating a sense of community as it did for people in the past (long before we had YouTube, TVs, and Smartphones). Reading aloud is how you, as a parent, can advertise the benefits of reading for pleasure. When you do this, the following happens for your child:

  • Stimulates your child's interest as you select books based on topics they enjoy learning about.

  • Creates an appreciation of literature- your love for literature will become contagious as you demonstrate an interest in books and read them aloud.

  • It gives you a resource to teach new words and expand their knowledge of various concepts (science, character development, overcoming challenges, and many more).

Also, catch this brief podcast where I outline the benefits of reading aloud to your child in the home!

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