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As early as Dr. Terica can remember,  she was an avid reader and writer. As a child, she took pleasure in a good book, possessed an inquisitive mind, and truly enjoyed learning. However, the oppressive nature of schooling caused her to question many elements within the K-12 system that left her feeling on the outskirts. The one thing that saved her during her academic journey was the ability to read, write, and think. Based on her lived experiences, Dr. Terica believes that literacy is liberation. 

We cannot discuss equity without addressing how to accelerate literacy in schools for students. As a result, she began her entrepreneur journey in 2018 and founded APEX Education Consulting Solutions, LLC. APEX Education Consulting Solutions, LLC offers a comprehensive suite of educational services. From professional development to student solutions, our primary goal is to eradicate inequities by addressing the learning needs of students (i.e., literacy, school climate, remote learning, etc.), especially in communities that are underserved and resourced. Students are our focus, and we meet their needs through teacher professional development, customized student solutions, support for families, and community engagement.

We are here to grow, learn, develop, and inspire minds with you!


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Student Services

We offer remote learning services to meet the needs of learners in grades K-12. We focus intensely on literacy development through the domains of foundational literacy, fluency, reading comprehension, vocabulary, speaking, and listening. With remote learning, we implement a customized instructional sequence designed to accelerate the intellectual capacity of each learner while cultivating their academic identity. 

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Family Resources

 Our resources are designed to meet the needs of families who desire additional literacy strategies, support, and tools to keep their children engaged while learning at home. Most of the resources are free and easy to download for immediate use.

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Professional Development

Through APEX Education Consulting Solutions, LLC, we offer professional services utilizing a research-based, culturally responsive lens to shift the mindsets of educators and elevate instructional opportunities for students that lead to accelerated academic outcomes.


"It was a great privilege to engage in such meaningful conversations with you during SIEEJ this weekend. I'm grateful to have chosen your particular learning session because it struck something inside of me."

Pre-Service Educator


Dr. Terica is an entrepreneur, consultant, and advocate who served in some of the largest urban school districts across the country. She has 18 years of experience as an educator and leader in Memphis, TN,  Washington, D.C., Baltimore, M.D., and Nashville, TN.
Her own K-12 educational experiences in Memphis City Schools, the Catholic Diocese of Memphis Schools, and Shelby County Schools have all primed her to be a voice for those often found on the margins. Had it not been for some of those experiences, she wouldn’t be able to identify with the realities that many students face today in our schools.
In 2018, she founded APEX Education Consulting Solutions, LLC to address the needs of learners in the K-12 community and beyond. APEX is a small, locally-owned, and certified Minority-Owned Business Enterprise in the city and county.
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